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FileOpen Class Reference

#include <fileopen.h>

Inheritance diagram for FileOpen:


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Detailed Description

Displays a "file open dialog" (sorta).

Displays a window where the user can navigate the directory hierarchy and select a file whose ending is .pet.

The filename returned by getFilepath() always ends with .pet.

Definition at line 55 of file fileopen.h.

Public Member Functions

 FileOpen (std::string t) throw (YAPETUI::UIException)
std::string getFilepath ()
bool isCanceled () const
void refresh () throw (YAPETUI::UIException)
void resize () throw (YAPETUI::UIException)
void run () throw (YAPETUI::UIException)

Protected Types

enum  MinDimension { MIN_Y = 24, MIN_X = 80 }
 The minimum dimensions supported. More...

Protected Member Functions

void cd (const YAPETUI::secstring d) throw (YAPETUI::UIException)
void getcwd () throw (YAPETUI::UIException)
void getEntries (std::list< YAPETUI::secstring > &d, std::list< YAPETUI::secstring > &f) throw (YAPETUI::UIException)
int maxX () const
 The maximum x value of the screen.
int maxY () const
 The maximum y value of the screen.
int minX () const
 The minimum x value of the screen.
int minY () const
 The minimum y value of the screen.

Static Protected Member Functions

static void deleteAll ()
 Delete all registered windows.
static void endCurses ()
 Ends the curses mode.
static void initCurses ()
 Initializes (n)curses.
static void refreshAll ()
 Calls the refresh() method of all registered windows.
static void registerBaseWindow (BaseWindow *r)
 Register a base window.
static void resizeAll ()
 Calls the resize() method of all registered windows.
static void unregisterBaseWindow (BaseWindow *r)
 un-registers a base window.

Private Types

enum  { FALLBACK_PATH_MAX = 255 }

Private Member Functions

void createWindows () throw (YAPETUI::UIException)
 FileOpen (const FileOpen &)
const FileOpenoperator= (const FileOpen &)
void printCWD () throw (YAPETUI::UIException)
void printTitle () throw (YAPETUI::UIException)
int startX ()
int startY ()
int windowHeight ()
int windowWidth ()

Private Attributes

bool canceled
< YAPETUI::secstring > * 
YAPETUI::secstring directory
YAPETUI::secstring filename
< YAPETUI::secstring > * 
std::string title
WINDOW * window

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