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MainWindow Class Reference

#include <mainwindow.h>

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Detailed Description

The main window.

This is the main window class which shows the main menu in top right window, some information in the lower right window and the passwords stored in the file currently open in the left window.

It handles the menu key strokes and provides a screen locking function which is called after a certain number of seconds using the BaseWindow::setTimeout() method.

Definition at line 59 of file mainwindow.h.

Public Member Functions

 MainWindow (unsigned int timeout, bool fsecurity) throw (YAPETUI::UIException)
void resize () throw (YAPETUI::UIException)
void run (std::string fn)
void run () throw (YAPETUI::UIException)

Protected Types

enum  MinDimension { MIN_Y = 24, MIN_X = 80 }
 The minimum dimensions supported. More...

Protected Member Functions

void addNewRecord ()
void bottomRightWinContent () throw (YAPETUI::UIException)
void changePassword () throw (YAPETUI::UIException)
void closeFile ()
void createFile (std::string &filename) throw (YAPETUI::UIException)
void createWindow () throw (YAPETUI::UIException)
void deleteSelectedRecord () throw (YAPETUI::UIException)
void editSelectedRecord ()
void lockScreen () const throw (YAPETUI::UIException)
int maxX () const
 The maximum x value of the screen.
int maxY () const
 The maximum y value of the screen.
int minX () const
 The minimum x value of the screen.
int minY () const
 The minimum y value of the screen.
void openFile (std::string filename) throw (YAPETUI::UIException)
void printTitle () throw (YAPETUI::UIException)
bool quit ()
void refresh () throw (YAPETUI::UIException)
void saveFile ()
void searchNext ()
void searchTerm ()
void setSortOrder ()
void topRightWinContent () throw (YAPETUI::UIException)

Static Protected Member Functions

static void deleteAll ()
 Delete all registered windows.
static void endCurses ()
 Ends the curses mode.
static void initCurses ()
 Initializes (n)curses.
static void refreshAll ()
 Calls the refresh() method of all registered windows.
static void registerBaseWindow (BaseWindow *r)
 Register a base window.
static void resizeAll ()
 Calls the resize() method of all registered windows.
static void unregisterBaseWindow (BaseWindow *r)
 un-registers a base window.

Private Member Functions

 MainWindow (const MainWindow &)
const MainWindowoperator= (const MainWindow &)

Private Attributes

WINDOW * bottomrightwin
unsigned int locktimeout
< YAPET::PartDec > * 
bool records_changed
StatusBar statusbar
WINDOW * toprightwin
bool usefsecurity

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