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PasswordRecord Class Reference

#include <passwordrecord.h>

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Detailed Description

A window that displays all the information associated with a decrypted password record.

A window that displays all the information associated with a decrypted password record. The window allows edition of the informations. If the information are edited, a call to entryChanged() yields true if the record has been edited.

To display an existing record, provide a valid pointer to PartDec object when constructing the object. If the record has been changed, getEncEntry() will return the pointer to the PartDec object holding the altered record.

To display a window for creating a new password record, pass NULL to the PartDec pointer argument when constructing. The new record can be obtained by calling getEncEntry().

In any case, the memory occupied by the pointer returned by getEncEntry() has to be freed by the caller. The class does not take care of this.

Definition at line 73 of file passwordrecord.h.

Public Member Functions

bool entryChanged () const
 Indicates whether or not the record has been changed.
YAPET::PartDecgetEncEntry () const
 Returns the password record.
 PasswordRecord (YAPET::Key &k, YAPET::PartDec *pe) throw (YAPETUI::UIException)
void refresh () throw (YAPETUI::UIException)
void resize () throw (YAPETUI::UIException)
void run () throw (YAPETUI::UIException)
 Shows the dialog and handles user input.

Protected Types

enum  MinDimension { MIN_Y = 24, MIN_X = 80 }
 The minimum dimensions supported. More...

Protected Member Functions

int maxX () const
 The maximum x value of the screen.
int maxY () const
 The maximum y value of the screen.
int minX () const
 The minimum x value of the screen.
int minY () const
 The minimum y value of the screen.

Static Protected Member Functions

static void deleteAll ()
 Delete all registered windows.
static void endCurses ()
 Ends the curses mode.
static void initCurses ()
 Initializes (n)curses.
static void refreshAll ()
 Calls the refresh() method of all registered windows.
static void registerBaseWindow (BaseWindow *r)
 Register a base window.
static void resizeAll ()
 Calls the resize() method of all registered windows.
static void unregisterBaseWindow (BaseWindow *r)
 un-registers a base window.

Private Types

enum  { HEIGHT = 14 }

Private Member Functions

void createWindow () throw (YAPETUI::UIException)
int getHeight () const
int getStartX () const
int getStartY () const
int getWidth () const
const PasswordRecordoperator= (const PasswordRecord &)
 PasswordRecord (const PasswordRecord &)

Private Attributes

WINDOW * window

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