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YAPETUI::InputWidget Class Reference

#include <inputwidget.h>

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Detailed Description

A widget where text can be entered.

A single line widget where text can be entered. The text entered can be obtained by calling getText().

The text is stored in a secstring.

To activate the widget, call focus().

See also:

Definition at line 61 of file inputwidget.h.

Public Member Functions

void clearText ()
int focus () throw (UIException)
secstring getText () const
 InputWidget (int sx, int sy, int w, int ml=512) throw (UIException)
bool isTextChanged () const
virtual void refresh () throw (UIException)
void resize (int sx, int sy, int w) throw (UIException)
void setText (secstring t) throw (UIException)

Protected Member Functions

void createWindow (int sx, int sy, int w) throw (UIException)
const secstringgetBuffer () const
secstringgetBuffer ()
int getPos () const
int getStartPos () const
int getWidth () const
WINDOW * getWindow ()
const WINDOW * getWindow () const
void visibleCursor (bool v) const

Private Member Functions

 InputWidget (const InputWidget &)
void moveBackward () throw (UIException)
void moveEnd () throw (UIException)
void moveForward () throw (UIException)
void moveHome () throw (UIException)
const InputWidgetoperator= (const InputWidget &)
void processBackspace () throw (UIException)
void processDelete () throw (UIException)
void processInput (int ch) throw (UIException)

Private Attributes

secstring buffer
int max_length
int pos
int start_pos
bool text_changed
int width
WINDOW * window

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