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void File::initFile ( const Key key  )  throw (YAPETException) [protected]

Initializes an empty file.

Creates a header struct FileHeader and calls writeHeader. It then reads and decrypts the header in order to verify.

key reference to the key used to encrypt the header.

Definition at line 466 of file file.cc.

References YAPET::FileHeader::control, YAPET::Crypt::decrypt(), YAPET::HEADER_CONTROL_SIZE, lastModified(), mtime, YAPET::FileHeader::pwset, readHeader(), uint32_to_disk(), YAPET::FileHeader::version, and writeHeader().

Referenced by File(), and setNewKey().

    Crypt crypt(key);

    Record<FileHeader> header;
    FileHeader* ptr = header;
    ptr->version = 1;
    memcpy(ptr->control, CONTROL_STR, HEADER_CONTROL_SIZE);
    ptr->pwset = uint32_to_disk(time(NULL));

    mtime = lastModified();

    writeHeader(header, key);

    // Sanity checks
    BDBuffer* buff = readHeader();
    if (buff == NULL)
      throw YAPETException(_("EOF encountered while reading header"));

    Record<FileHeader>* dec_hdr = crypt.decrypt<FileHeader>(*buff);

    FileHeader* ptr_dec_hdr = *dec_hdr;

    int retval = memcmp(ptr_dec_hdr->control, ptr->control, HEADER_CONTROL_SIZE);
    if (retval != 0)
      throw YAPETException(_("Sanity check for control field failed"));

    delete buff;
    delete dec_hdr;

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