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std::list< PartDec > File::read ( const Key key  )  const throw (YAPETException)

Reads the stored password records from the file.

Reads the stored records from the file using the key provided and returns a list holding the partially decrypted records. If the file has no records stored, it returns an empty list.

key the key used to decrypt the records. It has to be same key that was used to encrypt the records, of course.
a list holding the partially decrypted records. Or an empty list if no records are stored in the file
See also:

Definition at line 729 of file file.cc.

References read(), and seekDataSection().


    BDBuffer* buff = NULL;
    std::list<PartDec> retval;

    try {
      buff = read();
      while (buff != NULL) {
          retval.push_back(PartDec(*buff, key));
          delete buff;
          buff = read();
    } catch (YAPETException& ex) {
      if (buff != NULL)
          delete buff;

    return retval;

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