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void File::validateKey ( const Key key  )  throw (YAPETException,YAPETInvalidPasswordException) [protected]

Validates the given key.

Validates the key provided by reading the file header, decrypting it and comparing the control string of the file header with the string RECOG_STR. If those operations succeed, the key is considered valid. In case of an error, an exception is thrown.

Since this method relies on readHeader(), the file type is checked automatically.

key the key to validate against the file.

Definition at line 597 of file file.cc.

References YAPET::FileHeader::control, YAPET::Crypt::decrypt(), YAPET::HEADER_CONTROL_SIZE, and readHeader().

Referenced by File().


    Crypt crypt(key);
    BDBuffer* enc_header = NULL;
    Record<FileHeader>* dec_header = NULL;
    FileHeader* ptr_dec_header = NULL;

    try {
      enc_header = readHeader();
      dec_header = crypt.decrypt<FileHeader>(*enc_header);
      ptr_dec_header = *dec_header;
    } catch (YAPETEncryptionException& ex) {
      if (enc_header != NULL) delete enc_header;
      if (dec_header != NULL) delete dec_header;
      throw YAPETInvalidPasswordException();
    } catch (YAPETException& ex) {
      if (enc_header != NULL) delete enc_header;
      if (dec_header != NULL) delete dec_header;

    int retval = memcmp(ptr_dec_header->control,
    delete enc_header;
    delete dec_header;
    if (retval != 0)
      throw YAPETInvalidPasswordException();

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